A First ‘Official’ Toddle in the Fresh Air

The girls turned one this month and they are both walking now so this week we went shopping for their first pair of shoes.

I was really excited about this milestone because having older brothers means we enjoy being outside and it’s not always practical to take the girls out of the pushchair or sling when they’re still crawling.  The timing is perfect meaning we can enjoy Autumn and Winter together.
This afternoon we went straight from the school run to Chester Zoo.  We’re members so it’s great being able to pop there for short visits especially when most people are starting to leave.  Unfortunately the Zoo is closing at 4:30 at the moment but it didn’t matter because we just wanted a change of scenery and somewhere safe for the girls to toddle about freely. 

One of my all time pet hates is dog poo.  It seems to be everywhere and I’m paranoid about one of the kids treading, rolling, falling in it.  This is why I love a quick trip to the Zoo.

Although this was their first ‘official’ toddle, they’ve obviously been outside lots before. Just in our garden and at Grandparents, at the park etc but not with shoes on (or even clothes at times) and not walking the whole time.  It was the perfect end to the week.  The girls toddled around and were fascinated by the Spider Monkeys.

Of course the boys were obsessed with their long appendages and kept telling everyone VERY loudly just how big they were!

They all loved watching the elephant family from the viewing area on the hill.

This is only a minutes walk from the entrance and it’s as far as we got.  We walked back down the bridge and watched a White Rhino chomping on straw as a Monorail Train passed overhead then made our way to the baby elephant statue.

There aren’t many local families I know who don’t have a family portrait on this beautiful little elephant.  It’s a Rite of Passage! The surface is super shiny and slippery from the countless bottoms climbing up and having a ride which is why it was more difficult than usual to get everyone looking at the camera. The girls were fine but Pooh Bear was worried about sliding off!
There’s lots of space and the girls loved being able to go wherever they wanted. It looks like we’re not going to be getting anywhere fast in future so it’s lovely to be able to visit a place where they can take their time and wander like a cloud.

I’d forgotten just how cute babies were when they’re just walking!  To be honest, with Pooh Bear being four and Spud six when the girls were born, I’d forgotten just how fun and enjoyable tiny people were.  The way they explore everything and are fascinated by the most mundane, every day objects really is a delight to watch.

This little adventurer is modeling an entirely preloved outfit (apart from her new shoes). Probably 80% of the clothes we have for the girls have been given to us, I’ve bought on Ebay or are from Charity Shops.  So grateful for all the gorgeous clothes we’ve been given because I’ve found with twins that you really don’t know what or how many clothes you need. Also finding girl’s outfits more tricky than boys especially as there is much more choice in styles etc. Of course the girls wear hand-me-downs from the boys too and I’m semi-allergic to pink or anything too ‘princessy’!!!
The pressure to dress myself in an outfit which fits and I can breastfeed in coupled with finding two little outfits is enough to declare a pyjama day at times 😀
This week we’re joining up with Coombe Mill’s Country Kids so please click on the badge and see what outdoor adventures everyone else has been having.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

8 thoughts on “A First ‘Official’ Toddle in the Fresh Air

  1. It’s so cute when they first start walking around and exploring on their ow isn’t it. It does mean it takes ten times as long to get anywhere but sometimes a slower pace of life is just what we need. Great pics x

    • Yes! It is taking us ages to get anywhere now but they’re so cute. Definitely need to slow down at times so I’m enjoying letting them wander about. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Alarna x

    • It’s flying by so quickly!!! You can really see how big they’re getting now they’re walking. Thanks for popping over Aly 🙂

  2. What an excellent idea. Even better to do it at the end of the day, seeing as it’s quiet and you have less time. Given the whole day, if it was me, I can imagine I would have been wiped out. How lovely to see them toddle around in their new shoes. Adorable! #CountryKids
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