Boobies and Babies……..

Boobies and Babies are pretty much my whole world right now. Our beautiful boys, Spud and Pooh Bear, keep us uber busy and have us rolling around laughing most days but pulling our hair out the next πŸ˜€Β 

AAAAAAAnd then we discovered we were pregnant with TWINS! due October 2015 and then the craziness will really start.

Since becoming a Mum, breastfeeding has become a passion of mine so in addition to donating milk to The North West Human Milk Bank
andΒ becoming a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter, I also volunteer time and help with Breastfeeding Friendly Chester
When I’m not obsessing over boobies, I love indulging in a bit of amateur baking and all sorts of crafts. The house might be a tip but we always have homemade biscuits or cakes! – isn’t that how it should be? πŸ˜‰ Spud is partial to a spot of biscuit decorating although the biscuit rarely stays uneaten long enough to be fully ‘sprinkled’!

As an breastfeeding advocate, my one wish is for all women to be able to make an informed choice free from commercial and social pressure and with reliable, appropriate support.

Comments are very welcome and any tips of juggling twins and older children are very much appreciated. I love reading other blogs so will gladly visit yours when you comment on mine and leave me a link.

Lots of Love

Scatty Mum of Boys xxx


I have received training on supporting Mums and babies with regards to breastfeeding.Β  This training was given by the NHS and my local Lactation Consultant.Β  I am not medically qualified and although I can advise on a number of breastfeeding queries, you MUST seek help from a local breastfeeding support group and a professional breastfeeding support worker in addition to any information you might receive on this website.

23 thoughts on “Boobies and Babies……..

  1. Good job with breastfeeding! I never thought I could last for a year but I actually did. I remember the first week, I would log online to read on the benefits of breastfeeding, just to convince me to keep going. But wow everyday I wanted to quit so bad. When six months rolled around, I thought, “OMG I’m only HALFWAY done???” hahaha.

  2. Though my own midwife just said ‘oh it’s not for you’ when I had trouble breastfeeding when my daughter was born, one of her associates stayed up all night with me helping me get the hang of it. I feel blessed that she did and found that I had a happy and healthy daughter because of the dedication of this lady. It only takes one person to reach out to turn your life around so well done for the volunteer work you are doing, there are going to be lots fo happy and contented mums and babies thanks to you. Keep up the good work (love the blog too πŸ™‚ Dx

    • Ahhh, thank you for your lovely comment. It makes me sad, mad AND glad to hear your story. Sad and Mad that the Midwife gave up on you so quickly and if it wasn’t for the other lady she would have been responsible for you not breastfeeding when it was attainable and what you wanted.
      Very Glad there was a lovely Midwife able and willing to help you out. Often, it’s just a little tweaking which makes all the difference.

  3. Nice to “meet” you. I’m also training to be a peer supporter and find myself reading A LOT of breastfeeding related stuff so can’t help but blog about it. I had a really hard time of breastfeeding and almost gave up – a few times – so it’s made me passionate about it. Lovely intro to your blog.

    • Hello! I loved my training. Breast milk and breastfeeding is amazing and fascinating in equal measures. Sounds like you’ve got lots if experience of difficult times and you came through them so you’ll be great at giving support to other ladies. Good luck with the course. I’ll be reading your blog to see how you’re getting on. Thanks for having a peep at my blog and for commenting x

  4. This really is a lovely intro to a blog! My house feels like a constant battle on the ‘tip’ stakes too but I totally agree – it’s VERY important to always have homemade cake in our house! It’s how I was brought up and it’s how my children will be brought up! Since having my first my guilt switch was flicked on and I can’t turn it off but I’ve come to accept after nearly 4 years of giving myself a hard time, I’ll never be a perfect Mummy but in the grand scheme I’m really not bad! My children are very loved, happy and well fed. As for the rest… work in progress. x

    • Thank you for your fabulous comment and the compliments. You sound like a great Mum to me and I can think of worse things to look back and remember during your childhood than homemade cake.*skips off to bake some chocolate cupcakes* πŸ˜€

  5. Hello
    I love your photo! I loved breastfeeding my little and missed it terribly when I stopped, but I had to due to his reflux.
    ‘Support’ is the key in breastfeeding.

    • That’s sad. Out of interest, did the formula not make his reflux worse?
      Completely agree with you. If you don’t get the right personal and professional support it is very hard to establish. Thank you for taking time to read and comment.

      • When I breast fed him he brought the whole lot up as soon as I straightened him, we did this for 12 weeks but he wasn’t gaining any weight and I was exhausted through constantly feeding him. He was given medicine which could only be administered into a bottle in order for the mill to thicken to stay in his tummy. I now give him aptimil which really does help and he snow gaining lots of weight x

        • It doesn’t always go to plan and I think that’s ok as long as Mums don’t put too much pressure on themselves and can accept the way things work out. Your little one is absolutely gorgeous πŸ™‚ xxx

  6. What a great think you are doing, Its great to have passion I raise awareness for autism through my blog A boy with Aspergers which I’ve been doing for over 3 years (mummyofmanytalents) is a new thing:) I didn’t breast feed, not that I didn’t want to I couldn’t do it:( I was too ill after my first and second and my youngest now 2 just wouldn’t take to it:( the hospital were so pushy about breastfeeding yet they couldn’t be bothered to help when it wasn’t working, So… I think its great you’re training to give others support.xx

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