A Very Christmassy #CountryKids

This week we whisked Spud straight from school to the Cheshire Reindeer Lodge after some glowing recommendations in a local online Mums group.  I’m not sure who was more excited, us or the boys!!!  OK I should have typed ‘me or the boys’ because Scatty Dad only ever gets excited about football, cheese, chocolate and meat.

It was a really lovely experience and I’m sure we’ll be repeating it in years to come.  My favourite part was feeding the reindeer, not just because they are absolutely beautiful creatures but because Pooh Bear, who was initially nervous, thought they were brilliant.  With encouragement from Daddy he found the courage to feed them some pellets and squealed with delight “They nibb-led me!!!”.


Spud wants to return to feed “The big ones” because when we went the older deer must have been full up and were having a post-dinner lie down.


Father Christmas’ little helpers were all really friendly and helpful.  One even offered to wrap Spud in  the mesh they wrap Christmas trees in!  Spud wasn’t too keen but almost changed his mind when the elf suggested it was like being wrapped up in Spiderman’s web.

Now I don’t think I’m alone in dreading large crowds and having to queue with two energetic boys to entertain so I was really, really, really, pleased that Father Christmas had put a lot of thought into the logistics of a trip to see him.  Whilst in the queue there are various little games to keep you busy AND a soft play slide.  The boys’ favourite feature was definitely the ball pond which they had to themselves.


Just before we went in to see the big man, I saw an amazing photo opportunity which might have even made it on to a personalised Christmas Card for friends and family…


What a lovely card that would have been if A. the boys stood still and B. I’d have been less distracted trying to keep them still and got everything in the frame properly!

They look like they’re enjoying themselves though don’t they so I don’t think it really matters too much that they’re blurred 😀

After all this larking about it was time to get down to business and make sure Father Christmas knows exactly what my little darlings would like sat waiting for them under the tree on Christmas Day…


I think that I need to take my whole family on a photography course if we’re to have any chance of getting that perfect Christmas Card worthy photo but I think that the fact none of these pics are perfect adds to the charm of them.

We’ve explained to Spud that Father Christmas has lots of ‘helper’ Father Christmas’ because he is just too busy to organise the toy making, sleigh and reindeer etc but he really was convinced that the man you see in the above photos was THE Father Christmas “He knew my name Mummy!”.  We decided that he was probably having a quiet day and popped over to the reindeer lodge from the North Pole 😉

Before I go, I wanted to share the AMAZING Advent Calendar my sister made for the boys.  They are so excited each morning to see what’s in the next flag and there’s something different every day ranging from good old chocolates to little toys and bubbles…


After having a bit of a break from blogging, I have made the decision that this is the last blog post which will feature a full facial photo of Spud.  Recently I’ve been a bit more wary about sharing photos of either of the boys but I feel comfortable having Pooh Bear appear on the blog until he too starts school.

At the moment I feel a bit lost when it comes to blogging.  I feel my own interests are veering towards writing about breastfeeding and these are actually the posts which are most widely read and well received.  I enjoy sharing our little exploits as a family too though and think they go some way to ‘normalising’ my stereotype of a slightly hippyish Mum who breastfeeds her toddler.

Things are changing in our home life too so I will continue to write when time allows and will hopefully figure out a plan as to where I’d like the blog to go in the future but I now realise I’m not quite ready to stop writing completely.

This post is being linked up with the fabulous Country Kids from Coombe Mill which no doubt will be full of festive fun this week so please pop over and see what all the other bloggers have been getting up to.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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  1. What a fun packed family day you all had. The photos are lovely and great captures of some sweet moments of your boys wonderment when meeting Father Christmas. I do hope you will still join in from time to time as we will miss you on Country Kids! Thanks for linking up and sharing you outdoor fun.

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