Kate Rambles: Gathering Dust

So this week I turned 35 and my parents celebrated their Ruby Wedding Anniversary meaning they’ve been married for forty years!  One of my fondest memories as a child was when the whole family came together to celebrate my grandparents’ Ruby Wedding Anniversary with their six children clubbing together to send them to Paris for a romantic weekend away. 

I always assumed that not only would I be married when I was older but that it would be forever. Obviously having been with OH for almost a decade and four children later, the reality is not quite all Michael Buble songs and ‘ First Dates ‘ romance!

The cracks are appearing and our relationship is gathering dust under the daily stresses and strains of raising twins and older children. 

Do I expect too much? Is this just how it is now? Can we grow together rather than apart? I have changed so much through becoming a Mum and my hopes and expectations are so different to what they were when Spud was born.

It feels like we’re at a crossroads where we need to address the minor niggles before they become major ones. Knowing other couples who are facing real adversity it feels like we should be able to get through our minor issues easily!

How can we ensure each other feel appreciated within our busy family life? If you have any hints and tips on what kept you going during I would love to hear them. Comment here, tweet or pop over to see me on Instagram.

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