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So many things I could ramble about this week but I’ve decided to share my love of Instagram.  I’ve fallen out of love with facebook and can’t always keep up with Twitter so at the moment, Instagram is my social media app of choice.

As the name suggests, it’s instant, super simple to post a pic, you can indulge your creativity as much or as little as you like when taking then editing the photos and the community is lovely.  I like to post days out, lots of twin spam and anything the boys order me to share.

Here’s a few recent pics…

All my photos are taken on my battered old Samsung S3 phone and it’s done me proud so far but is finding focusing tricky and I really need to get a decent camera at some point.  Like most Mums though, I find it hard to justify personal purchases when there’s four little people to look after first. 

If you like hot beverages, green hair and crochet too and fancy a nose at the humdrum happenings in the Scatty household then please pop over to my Instagram page and say hello!’.

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